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Remove trapped emotions that stands in your way of being who you truly are.
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About Anna

I grew up in Stockholm and Lappland in Northern Sweden. I often hear that people feel calm in my presence which I’m convinced comes from my Northern Swedish heritage. Today I like to spend my time between Stockholm, Los Angeles and the island of Gotland. When I was 16 I came to Los Angeles for the first time and I fell in love with American culture. The mindset that anything you could ever dream of you can also make into reality.

I’ve battled with anxiety and C-PTSD my whole life and my healing journey started when I was 25 and I lost my dear aunt to cancer. She was like an older sister to me and her death taught me about loss and how to continue living. After that mental health became my biggest passion and I learned everything that I could about how our childhood traumas affect our life.

As someone who grew up with a highly sensitive personality without knowing what that was, I had to learn how mine and other people’s emotions affected me. Most of the time I couldn’t understand why I was feeling certain feelings and that they weren’t really mine. This is a blessing and a curse that I’ve now learned to live with.

Which takes me to my other passion: Emotions. I love all emotions and I believe they are teachers and knowledge about life. Shutting down our emotions is like killing parts of yourself. I’m here to help you feel and let go of it all, the really hard ones that make us feel like everything hurts but also pure happiness and unconditional love because they are all a part of being alive.

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Are you emotionally intelligent?

Most people are not raised with the ability to understand or deal with negative emotions properly. We haven’t been taught that our emotions come with a purpose. This old programming causes people to become overwhelmed by any given negative emotion, or they may deny it altogether. It’s also very common to start feeling an emotion, but interrupt the process with numbing or other coping mechanisms. A lot of times without us even noticing.

The result of emotion denial will frequently lead to trapped emotions. When we don’t feel our emotions our body and subconscious mind will keep trying to get our attention in other ways. That’s why so much pain and suffering is caused by emotional denial.

Feeling negative emotion is part of life. However, much of our “autopilot” behavior is caused by trapped emotions, so the more emotions you release, the more free you will be to decide how you want to react.