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Your heart is the core of your being, the essence of who you really are

Your heart is the most powerful organ in the body with its own unique intelligence that works as a storehouse for our memories and feelings. Within the Emotion Code the most common trapped emotions is a Heart-Wall. 

A Heart-Wall is made out of trapped emotions with the purpose of protecting your heart with an emergency barrier to save us from a heartbreak or a situation where we feel vulnerable. Have you ever felt the need to protect yourself in a situation where you experienced discomfort? It’s easier to shut down or run away from what’s happening, that’s when the Heart-Wall is created.

Releasing our Heart-Wall is often followed by a profound experience of connection and opening up to other people. We’re meant to live vibrant and healthy lives filled with love and joy. Love, that is the highest vibrational emotion, is both generated and received by the heart. That’s why removing your Heart-Wall will help you to create, give and receive more love in your life.